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Procurement software

Procurement software


Procurement software is a computer program or suite that allows an organization to automate the processes of purchasing materials and maintaining an inventory of goods. Procurement software can generate purchase orders, execute the ordering process online, match invoices to materials received, and pay all bills electronically.


Feature of Procurement:

Our integrated order management system encompasses in these modules:

System Setup: All the information of these option are given below

  • Countries
  • States
  • Cities
  • Departments
  • Projects
  • Requisitions

By selecting Department, Date and added the product which you need with quantity and price that’s all information can set this option.


Approved Requisitions:


After confirming requisitions, how many products with quantity are selected can make a list across this option.

  • Suppliers

Supplier list: At any time, need to know about supplier information. So, you can collect it like name, address, mobile number, fax, trade license with expire date etc. and save it.

  • Supplier Quotation
  • Purchase


  • All kind of reports are user activities.
  • Users
  • Set all the information of users like name, address, mail etc. and selecting the role such as Super Admin, Agent, CMS Admin, Accounts Admin.
     1. Easy of administrations
     2. Long term cost saving.
     3. Easier monitoring of spending.
     4. Following up with vendors, receiving goods or services with an inventory of goods.
     5.Creating transection as a goods are received as a means of financial settlement.

Technical tools we used:
     1.HTML5, PHP 5.5, CSS3, MYSQL 5, JavaScript, bootstrap 3.
     2.API URL and Parameter development: Cake PHP.
     3.Dynamic modules with PHP, MYSQL, JSON, AJAX, JavaScript.
     4.Browser-side language: XHTML, JavaScript, XML, HTML5
     5.Server-side Language: PHP 5
     6.Database: MySQL
     7.Server: Apache 3

Software Details