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3FS(Future Freight Forwarding)Software

3FS(Future Freight Forwarding)Software


3FS(Future Freight Forwarding)Software is a business arrangement in which a third-party company arranges storage along with shipping of merchandise with respect to its subscribers.

Freight forwarders usually ship under their own bills of lading or air waybills (called house bill of lading or house air waybill) and their agents or associates at the destination (overseas freight forwarders) provide document delivery, deconsolidation, and freight collection services. Also called forwarder.


Features of 3FS(Future Freight Forwarding) Software:

Master Setup: Keep all the information about -

  • Configuration
  • Chargeable Head
  • Bank Info
  • Currency
  • Chart of account
  • Port
  • Clients
  • Types
  • Agents
  • Countries
  • Freight terms
  • Shipping lines
  • Buyers
  • Airlines
  • Banks
  • Container size
  • Notify

Shipments: Create all kind of MBL/MAWB with origin agent, delivery agent or shipper. Can check the individual HBL/HAWB and print out easily

(Arrival Notice, Delivery Order, Forwarding letter, Proof of delivery, Freight certificate).

  • Sea Import
  • Sea Export
  • Air Import
  • Air Export

Collection/Receive: In Payment/Received option, can save all the cash histories with client/agent name, mobile, total amount, paid and due which are payable or receivable and find out easily across these below option-

  • Sea Import Debit Invoices
  • Sea Import Credit Invoices
  • Air Import Debit Invoice list
  • Air Export Debit Invoices
  • Air Import Credit Invoice list
  • Air Export Credit Invoices
  • Sea Export Debit Invoices
  • Sea Export Credit Invoices

HR & Pay Role: Put down all the information of users like name, address, email, mobile, fax and select the role such as Admin, Super Admin or staff.

Reports: All kind of reports have known without any troubles like Shipment, Profit/Loss, Account Payable, Account Receivable. By all the reports can recognized the company increasingly or decreasingly going on.



1. Paperless work.
2. Fully online based software.
3. The ability to leverage volume to reduce cost.
4. A global network of freight forwarding agents.
5. Knowledge of the logistics industry.
5. Effortlessly print out any document related account across this software.
5. Shipment, Profit/Loss, Account Payable/Receivable all reports are update automatically.

Technical tools we used:

1. HTML5, PHP 5.5, CSS3, MYSQL 5, JavaScript, bootstrap 3.
2. API URL and Parameter development: Cake PHP.
3. Dynamic modules with PHP, MYSQL, JSON, AJAX, JavaScript.
4. Browser-side language: XHTML, JavaScript, XML, HTML5
5. Server-side Language: PHP 5
6. Database: MySQL
7. Server: Apache 3

Software Details

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    3FS(Future Freight Forwarding)Software
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    [email protected]
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