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    Meeting Time with Our Valuable Clients
    Successful Meeting with Client
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  • koha software
    koha software
    Koha Library System
    Open Source Koha Library System
    Fast, reliable & scalable
    Free daily backups
    Super Amount of Bandwidth
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    software banner
    Make your dream Software
    A complete Software solution for your business or personal website
    Significant IT Time and Cost Savings
    100+ professional Software
    Accelerated growth
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    Domain Names at Great Prices
    Great hosting & Put yours online today!
    Fast, reliable & scalable
    Free daily backups
    Super Amount of Bandwidth
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    Web Portal Development
    Great ideas deserve great development!
    Security Is Essential
    Responsive Design
    Optimize Site Performance
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    Great ideas deserve great development!
    Security Is Essential
    Responsive Design
    Optimize Site Performance
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    Make your Graphics Design
    A complete Graphics-Design for your business or personal website
    Excellent Graphic Design
    250+ professional designs
    Design your Identity

“…enabling ICT Solutions for you”

Nogor Solutions Limited Provide Best Services on-

Software & ERP Solutions,Web Portal Development,Online Digital Marketing (SEO),Domain & Hosting Service,
CCTV & Security Service,Graphic Design & Printing,Hardware & Networking,Training & Support Services


Software & ERP Solutions

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back-office functions related to technology, services...Read more


Web portal Development

Nogor solutions ltd, design & develop interactive web applications which focuses on engaging visitors or even encouraging visitor to be more participating in the website. Nogor solutions always try to do Unic design & development for you... Read more


Online Digital Marketing(SEO)

The Digital Marketing Development is an initiative designed to attract customer to do their product marketing with the area of Digital Marketing.Digital Marketing is the foundation of your online business and we understand the importance of utilizing the latest...Read more


Domain & Hosting Service

Nogor Solutions Limited offer you unique domain name, safe and secure website hosting with support and assistance from a team of confident and qualified professionals.Our hosting service ensures 99% uptime all the time. And we have rapid response team ... Read more


CCTV & Security Service

CCTV & security service surveillance has come of age over the years. Today they can protect your property real time and do a security personnel’s job way more efficiently.It not only protects your office from external threats but also the internal ones. It helps keep...Read more


Graphic Design & Printing

Specialty and attraction is our main consequence in graphics designing. Creative Logo, Stationary and business Cards, Advertising brochures and others.Our creative team of design department always provides their creativity and ... Read more


Hardware and Networking

In accession to computers and networks, organizations depend on superfluous technology for support. Nogor Solutions Limited can be your initial support for the diagnosis, repair, and maintenance .In advance Support services involve the strategic planning...Read more

Our Valued Clients

The Customer experience is the next competitive battleground.

Our Software

In the Software product business, Software is licensed for installation and execution on a user- or customer-supplied infrastructure. In the software product business, revenues typically originate from selling software upgrades to the customer.

  • Point of Sale

    Point of Sale

    A point of sale (POS) is the place where sales are made .An electronic POS system streamlines retail operations by automating the transaction process and tracking important sales data. A basic system includes an electronic cash register and software to coordinate data collected from daily purchases.

  • Freight Forward

    Freight Forward

    Koha is the most used and ever developed open source library management software that uses more than 1700 libraries. as an open source solutions it has wide variety of functional modules such as acquisition, cataloging, circulation, serial management, and administration.

  • Procurement software

    Procurement software

    Accounting application software functions as an accounting information system. A standard accounting software consists of a variety of modules; different sections that deal with certain areas of accounting. Accounting software gathers under the same roof all systems and applications dedicated to managing and processing financial data.

  • University Management Software

    University Management Software

    Tender & procurement professionals Portal now a days streamlining processes, managing risk, increasing transparency and regaining control of their spend. Hundreds of thousands of suppliers engage in Tender & Procurement portals, expanding their businesses and securing contracts that were once out of reach.

Our Project

Each type of service we provide is further optimized with unique performance tweaks!

Government Projects
Private Projects
International Projects
Completed Projects

Our Valued Clients Viewpoint

I have worked with Nogor Solutions limited. for six years on a very complex system for web + mobile assault alarms. They have impressed me with their can-do attitude and willingness to go the extra mile for the good of the project.

Major Burhan
Major Burhan Bangladesh Army

I’ve been working with Nogor Solutions Limited For Our development Project and have been consistently impressed by the work that they have delivered. Their attitude is great, they deliver on time, and the quality is superb. What more could you ask for?

Dr. Niaz Ahmed Khan
Dr. Niaz Ahmed Khan Head Of department , Department Of Development Studies

It has been a pleasure working with the entire Nogor Solutions Limited team. The company is thorough, hard working and devoted to the goals of any given project. I would easily recommend them for any of my projects.

SULTAN HAFEEZ RAHMAN Executive Director Brac Institute of Governance And Development

I had the pleasure of working with Nogor Solutions Limited in a Our development project . I am very satisfied with the work they have done. The communication was very easy, the progress was as planned, and the results were above my expectation. Would be happy to work with them again.

Md.Shahedul Islam
Md.Shahedul Islam Commander Bangladesh NAVY

Nogor solutions Limited provide great quality for the best prices that I have found in the business. I have been very happy with their work to date and recommend them highly. Thanks for the good job ....I LOVE my new website

Ben Dolgoff
Ben Dolgoff Director Let”s Party Vietnam ( Global Oriented )

Our Expertise


.Net framework is a solution provided by Microsoft for server-side web development needs using technologies like ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, WCF..etc. The Visual Studio IDE is also great for web development.


Oracle databases have featured the four properties that all database systems must have. These four properties are atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability.


PHP is a very popular scripting language used by most of the website developers to enhance thefunctions and appearance of the websites. It is mainly known to create dynamic web pages.

Object C

MySQL is a relational database that backs many internet websites and enterprise applications. Like all enterprise software, it has a whole complement of features.

Some of our International Partners

To keep a customer demands as much skill as to win one!

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Nogor Solutions Ltd.

In this era of globalization IT solutions provided by Nogor Solutions Ltd. like Web Development, Software Solutions and Networking are some basic needs for organizational development and businesses are getting dependent on these everywhere.

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E : info@nogorsolutions.com

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